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How to create strong, secure passwords by learning how to crack them

Create stronger, more secure passwords: We are nagged to do it all the time, but few of us actually make the effort. Meanwhile, passwords continue to be stolen, leaked, and cracked on a regular basis. So this time we’re hoping to get your attention by looking at it from the attacker’s side!

How Just Visiting A Site Could Have Hacked Your iPhone or MacBook Camera

If you use Apple iPhone or MacBook, here we have a piece of alarming news for you. Turns out merely visiting a website — not just malicious but also legitimate sites unknowingly loading malicious ads as well — using Safari browser could have let remote attackers secretly access your device's camera, microphone, or location, and in some cases, saved passwords as well.

Hacked in Translation – from Subtitles to Complete Takeover

Check Point researchers revealed a new attack vector which threatens millions of users worldwide – attack by subtitles. By crafting malicious subtitle files, which are then downloaded by a victim’s media player, attackers can take complete control over any type of device via vulnerabilities found in many popular streaming platforms, including VLC, Kodi (XBMC), Popcorn-Time and We estimate there are approximately 200 million video players and streamers that currently run the vulnerable software, making this one of the most widespread, easily accessed and zero-resistance vulnerability reported in recent years.

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Compania IT Point Services a fost infiintata in 2014 cu un capital 100% romanesc - o echipa tanara, dinamica si flexibila care a oferit inca de la inceput o gama larga de servicii si produse IT pentru companii mici si mijlocii.

Experienta personalului ne ajuta sa evoluam, sa intelegem si mai bine nevoile clientilor, pentru un parteneriat puternic al mediului de business din Romania.

Avem o gama diversificata de produse si servicii IT si am dezvoltam relatii de parteneriat pentru produse si solutii. Aceste relatii, dezvoltate direct sau prin canale oficiale de distributie, dau un plus de soliditate si garantie calitatii produselor si serviciilor oferite de noi.

IT Point Services doreste sa dezvolte parteneriate avantajoase pentru solutii de sucuritate, backup & recovery, control banda, accelerare si inspectie trafic web pentru a completa gama de servicii si produse pentru clientii nostrii.