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Dell Sonicwall | Enterprise

Ensure the security, reliability and continuity of mission-critical applications. Activate secure, centrally managed connections across remote wireless access points, which are scalable to organizations of all sizes. Promote BYOD and mobile initiatives while maintaining the ability to verify users and access devices, encrypt confidential information over email and block viruses and malware.


Massive, scalable enterprise network security


Experience effective enterprise security solutions that don’t trade performance for protection. Supporting 10+ GbE networks for enterprises, Dell SonicWALL solutions offer security, speed and scalability. Protect your network from malware, intrusions and unproductive applications through industry-leading deep-packet inspection performance, concurrent connections and connections per second.




Easy, secure mobile access for the enterprise


Give up to 20,000 concurrent users secure and remote access using a single appliance. Dual-point verification of both the user and the endpoint device allow for VPN access on managed or personal devices and mobile apps while blocking access from unauthorized devices and apps.




Onsite and cloud-based email security


Encrypt sensitive information, prevent data leaks and eliminate compliance violations from 10 to 10,000 mailboxes. Deploy scalable email security as hardware appliances, virtual appliances or software.





Centralized management from a single console


Improve flexibility and efficiency by deploying and managing Dell SonicWALL appliances from a single, intuitive, centralized console. Real-time monitoring and alerting, and historic monitoring logging and reporting enable you to analyze traffic trends and suspicious behavior in order to take control of the health, performance and security of your network.




Secure distributed networking


Promote communication, productivity and business continuity with your remote, mobile and traveling workforce. Block email- and web-based threats, and enable greater mobility and BYOD initiatives by ensuring your wireless network is as secure as your wired network.